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My name is Vladimir Landin. I'm an artist. I work in the style of traditional oil painting.


In the artist’s serene sanctuary, amidst gentle, diffused light and the aroma of turpentine, a sacred communion unfolds between soul and canvas. The artist wields his brush not out of mere obligation but when his spirit commands. Even in moments bereft of inspiration, he gravitates towards the easel, where the canvas beckons, whispering secrets known only to the painter.

I am deeply grateful to my mentors and the authors of painting books who bestowed upon me a wealth of knowledge and kindled within me the desire for years of practice. My father, from whom I inherited the gift of brushwork, deserves special thanks. Without their guidance, there would be no enchanting dialogue with the canvas, no joyous awakenings at dawn to resume painting—I might not even be practicing painting today.

Currently, I reside and work in Ukraine, nestled in the countryside not far from the capital, Kiev, in a lakeside cottage. Despite tumultuous times, the rural ambiance nurtures a harmonious perception of my surroundings and births new ideas.

When emotions run dry, the vibrant embrace of the Big Old City is always welcoming, infusing one with its rhythm and energy.

My beloved Kiev and the cities I’ve encountered on my travels—Rome, Venice, bustling Naples, Prague, the quaint seaside towns of Greece with their ancient streets and enigmatic courtyards—each holds profound significance in my life. Yet, after my journeys, it’s always a comforting return to the tranquil cottage by the lake.


In snug workshop, by lakeside’s tranquil charm,
Away from urban clamor’s endless alarm,
With more light, more air, and space to explore,
Here, nature’s spirit and beauty adore.

In the attic’s cozy embrace, art thrives,
And the Muse, at times, her presence derives,
Infusing this creative space with grace,
Inspiring boundless creativity to trace.

I predominantly employ a multi-layered technique in my works—an ancient, time-tested method capable of enduring over five centuries.

Multilayered painting yields unique colors through the transparency of paint layers, creating deeper and distinctive hues through optical blending. This essence is the hallmark of oil painting. Many perceive works created through this method to be more captivating than quick copies produced in one or two sessions.

I meticulously apply impasto, voluminous strokes, ensuring they enhance rather than obscure the main volume of the work, preserving its depth and durability.

While the process of creating artworks in one session (Alla Prima, impasto) is intriguing, I prefer the traditional technique, which allows paintings to realize themselves through intricate, rich colors. Why should an artist use oil paints if they don’t leverage its fundamental properties? Multilayered traditional painting demands more time but guarantees superior quality and longevity.

Each layer must dry thoroughly before the next is applied, or intricate and delicate glazes must be executed, showcasing the artist’s skill and expertise.

I’m meticulous in selecting materials, opting for linen or jute canvas and high-quality cotton for smaller formats, prepared and primed by myself. I solely use professional, high-quality paints, as inferior ones may lead to color changes or fading over time.

When executed using the described method, a multilayered painting can endure for over 500 years if maintained properly.

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