Jolly Walk

Category: Horse riding, oil painting work


Verdant canopy, the splash of water, and joyous barks. Enchanting Woodland.

Type Style Base Size Year Price
Oil paint Animalist, forest landscape Canvas 55x55sm (19.6") 2023 ...


The work is executed in the technique of traditional multi-layered oil painting. Therefore, in my works, I exclusively employ proven and high-quality pigments alongside materials such as Pine oleoresin turpentine, damar varnish, and linseed oil. Such pieces retain their quality over many centuries, and with careful preservation, the artwork will not lose its colors for more than 500 years.

Сreation story

The work emerged from the impressions gathered during my sojourn in the woods. As I tuned into the sounds of the woodland river, I discerned the approaching noise of water and the barking of dogs. Equestrians on splendid horses came into view, accompanied by their canine companions; slightly fatigued, yet still exuding merriment and joy.
Gradually, clouds began to cloak the sky, extinguishing the vibrant rays of the sun that had illuminated the youthful greenery of the forest tree canopies. Rain commenced, prompting me to prepare to depart from this enchanting nook of nature.
I hastened towards shelter, promising myself that I would undoubtedly craft a painting capturing those gleeful dogs chasing their masters on horseback along the tranquil forest river.

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